How 5800XM changed the way I use mobile phone

It’s been a 6 weeks since I started using Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. And in a span of one month, the way that I use my mobile has changed a lot.


Just a month ago,

  • Never wanted to use a mobile phone as PMP, had Cowon D2 for that purpose
  • Rarely used mobile to access internet
  • Never been active in social networking sites
  • Taking pictures was just out of question
  • Never wrote a blog using a mobile phone

Here is a brief list of phones that I had used in the past decade:

  • Sony Ericsson T100
  • LG 3100
  • Motorola L6
  • Nokia 6300
  • Motorokr E6

It was Motorola L6 that gave brief taste of internet on mobile phone but I hardly accessed internet from that phone.  Nokia 6300 was the worst phone amont these, thanks to it’s bad battery life, I never used it for anything other than calling and texting. Motorola E6 took me another step backward with its pathetic onscreen keypad using which even texting was difficult, not to forget the touch screen inaccuracy.

I used Motorokr for following purpose:

  • Calling
  • texting
  • internet when absolutely necessary
  • radio playback when at home
  • morning alarm

Finally I thought enough is enough and purchased Nokia 5800 XM.

Week 1:

First week, I spent time in getting used to symbian interface. The first relief for me was due to the onscreen keypad of 5800XM which as a thousand times better than E6’s. This week I didn’t search for applications as the default apps like browser, music player etc were more than enough for me.Tried to access the internet but it was dead slow and most of the time, pages just won’t load.

Week 2:

Decided that I can finally use this phone as all in one and decided to sell my Cowon D2. Though this phone’s audio quality is not comparable to D2’s, it was enough for me. Finally installed Ovi Suite and Ovi Player and during this week, I loaded my 7Gb of my favourite music onto the memory card. Thanks to the powerful processor, the phone never felt slow even when 8Gb was almost full. This week I downloaded couple of songs from Ovi Music Store. And still internet was damn slow. During that weekend, I started home and to work from home (using VPN on my work laptop), I subscribed to Airtel Mobile Office for EDGE. This was the turning point for me. After enabling MO, internet was very very fast on the mobile.


Week 3:
This week, I spent most of the time at home and also this was the first time I actually used mobile phone and got very good internet speed on my laptop while I was at my native place. Didn’t do much this time. Still most of music and video playback was on D2. Haven’t installed any apps on the phone yet.
Week 4:
This was the week that I started using the phone the way it had to be used. Installed apps like Gravity, Opera 5 beta, LCG Jukebox, Google maps. I sold off my D2 this week which meant that the phone has to be my primary music player. This was also the week when I started using twitter extensively. Thanks to apps like Gravity and TweetDeck, I got addicted to twitter. Also, thanks to tabbed browsing in Opera 5, I stared posting content in forums like Thinkdigit and Tech Enclave.
Week 5:
This week I started playing with phone’s camera which I never really cared about before. Also, this week, I was using my phone more than my PC to post in TDF and Tech Enclave. My office to home bus ride was no more boring as I used to be busy posting in TDF and in twitter, listening to music at the same time.
One day this week, I lost my way in Indira Nagar and I successfully used Nokia Maps to find my way to CMH Road. This was the first time ever I used active GPS to find way. Last time I tried was to find route from KR Pura to Malleswaram which was not so successful.
Week 6:
Finally, I configured my phone to get updates from yahoo mail and google mail. Also, I purchased my first ever mobile phone app (Gravity) online from my phone, downloaded the app directly to phone and installed the full version. This is something that I never did before. Also, The first half of this post was written using my phone and also I wrote parts of Acer 5738z using the same phone.
Now, I am using my 5800XM for the following:

  • calling & texting
  • music & videos
  • Radio
  • Internet surfing
  • blogging, TDF and Tech Enclave posts
  • Tweeting
  •  games
  • Navigation
  • Emails-on-the-go

Only area that is still missing is ecommerce. I am not yet comfortable with making bank transactions in my mobile but that might change in another one or two weeks.

I am a PC and mobility is my new name 🙂


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