Tech-Com HD LCD SSD-TV-724 TV Tuner review

Recently, I decided to move to linux. However I tried, I was not able to get TV to work on linux (using internet PCI tv tuner). And since I don’t want to keep Windows just for TV watching, thought of purchasing a budget TV tuner box that I can connect to LCD and that support widescreen output.

I went to a local dealer and first purchased Zippys TV Tuner box which was pathetic with really bad quality and the quality was so bad that I returned it immediately. Here are few pictures of this card:

Next I went for Tech-Com SSD-TV-724 TV as the dealer promised that he will take back this card if it does not work well.

Paid 1500 rupees for this card, which I think it a bit high but there was not many options here.


  • Full channel scan, support PAL-DK/I or PAL-BG/I or NTSC system of cableTV and air TV
  • Output resolution up to: (4:3) 800*600*60Hz, 800*600*75Hz, 1024*768*60Hz, 1024*768*75Hz, 1280*1024*60Hz, 1280*1024*75Hz (16:9) 1280*720*60Hz, 1280*720*75Hz, 1600*900*60Hz (16:10) 1440*900*60Hz, 1440*900*75Hz, 1680*1050*60Hz
  • Preview all Programs in 4,9 or 16 pictures
  • Picture in picture function, display the picture of TV program on the computer desktop
  • Full functional remote control, OSD dispalying and very convenient operating with VIDEO, S-VIDEO interfaces, capable of connecting with camera, VCD or TV game console
  •  Support Video Out Function 



 Package Content:

Tuner box:


S-Video to composite connector (input):




VGA to S-Video connector (input):


3.5mm audio connector:


Stand for Tuner box:


Ports on Tuner:


  1. Power input (DC, 5V)
  2. VGA Out
  3. S-Video In (using S-video to VGA cable from PC)
  4. Audio out
  5. Line In
  6. S-Video Out/in (AV input from DVD/VCD player or AV output to LCD or S-Video input from DVD/VCD player)
  7. Audio In
  8. Analogue TV In (to connect antenna cable)


The navigation menu is on the top of the box. With four navidation keys, one menu key and one power key, it was very easy to use.
How to use with digital TV and LCD:


As shown in the above pic, I have used S-Video to Composite connector for Video and VGA connector to connect to LCD. Audio cable is connected to Aux-In of MX-5021 and so is not visible in this picture.
As is the case with most of the entry level Tuners, the remote is very basic and works with two AAA batteries. Couldn’t test this remote more as I am using satellite TV and all I need to use the remote for is to turn on the tuner card.
On Screen Menu too was easy to use. Here are few pics of the same:





Thanks to the easy OSD, I was able to setup Video input settings and display quality in a matter of minutes.
Since this is a budget TV Tuner box, I didn’t expect much from this but the picture quality is just okay.



At default setting, video looks very dull and I have to increase brightness, contrast and sharpness to get some decent color quality. One problem with this card is that the card always turns on in TV mode and have to set to AV mode.
Build: 6/10
Features: 8/10
Ease of use: 8/10
Performance: 6/10
VFM: 7/10
Overall: 7/10
If your budget is strictly inside 1500 rupees, this is a very good buy. Models from brands like Avermedia, Leadtek  are available above 2k price range and offer much better quality.
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