Corby: which one to pick?

It all started with Samsung Corby S3650. Marketed as a phone that is meant for youth and priced at 8k, it was an instant hit, thanks to flashy colors and capacitive touch. After that, samsung has released a dozen phones under Corby brand name. now, it is very confusing to pick Corby. most of the phones look similar. I am going to help you out by showing up the difference between these models.

Currently available list of Corby phones are:

1) Samsung S3650 Corby

2) B5310 Corby Pro

3) B3410 Corby Plus

4) S3650W Corby

5) B3210 Corby TXT

6) C3510 Genoa/Pop

7) M3710 Corby Beat

8) B3310 Corby Mate

The original Corby had the following specification:

Display Size 2.8 inches
Display resolution/colors 240×320, 256k
Camera 2mp, smile detection, no flash
Memory 50MB
Card Slot yes, upto 8Gb
Keypad touch keypad
Form Factor bar
3G No
Wi-Fi No
Radio Yes
3.5mm audio port yes
DNSe Yes
Dimension 103 x 56.5 x 12 mm
Weight 90 g
Battery size Li-Ion 960 mAh
Battery backup 9hrs talktime

Now that we have the specs of the original Corby let’s take a look at the other Corbys one by one.

B5310 Corby Pro:

This phone is designed for texting. It has the same display but supports 16M colors. Internal Memory is increased to 150MB and supports microSD cards upto 16Gb. Has support for 3G and Wi-Fi, a better 3.15mp camera but no flash, has A-GPS inbuilt, same battery. But the most striking differente is the full qwerty keypad that slides sideway (like that on N97). Due to the extra keypad, the phone is 3.7mm thicker. The only downside is that this one comes with Cartoon UI which is based on Java and not a smartphone OS.

B3210 Corby TXT:

This one too sports a qwerty keypad but is not a slide style. The phone is bar phone with portrait style qwerty (like the one found on Nokia E71). Has a much smaller display at 2.2″ and supports 256k colors. This is the only corby phone that doesn’t come with touch display. Has 40MB internal memory and supports microSD cards upto 8GB, no 3G and no Wi-Fi, has the same 2MP camera that the original corby sports, has smaller batter which gives 7hr-8hr talktime (800mAh battery), runs Cartoon UI.

M3710 Corby Beat:

This phone is directed towards youth that loves to use phone as a media player as it has dedicated music controls (though oddly placed) at the bottom of the phone just below the D-Pad, has 2.8″ display supporting 256k colors, 50MB internal memory that cans be extended upto 8GB, no 3G but has Wi-Fi, 3.15MP camera with autofocus but no flash, same battery with 9hr talktime.

C3510 Corby Pop/Genoa:

Am not sure why samsung released this version of Corby because it’s specs are inferior to original corby. It has only 30MB onboard memory, 1.3MP camera, everthing else is the same. As a result, this one should cost much much less than the original corby.

S3650W Corby:

The only difference between this and the original corby is that this one supports 3G and Wi-Fi. Everything else from design to specs is same.

B3410 Corby Plus:

This phone sports landscape qwerty like CorbyPRO but has smaller 2.6″ display that supports 16M colors, has 30MB internal memory and can be extended up to 8GB using MicroSD card, does not support 3G or WiFi, has 2MP camera for basic use, has same battery but gives 10hr-11hr talktime, runs touchwiz UI

B3310 Corby Mate:

This is one of the ugliest phone that I ever saw and hence there is no need to describe it. Avoid it at all costs. 🙂

Now that I have stated the differences, here is a table that compares the specs of all these phones.

My Pick:

I would pick Corby Pro or Corby S3650W as these two come with 3G and Wi-Fi that definitely helps in many cases.

*** Samsung Beat Image taken from


23 thoughts on “Corby: which one to pick?

  1. Nice post..

    Thanks for it

    I have corby plus but unable to install any games.appz ..can u tell me how i should ..? and pls provide links too.

    • … and what should be preferred between Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and Corby Mate. I liked Corby but it’s thickness screws everything up… It gives an impression of plastic trying to get aloof… where in contrary 5130 have good finishing and metallic touch. Please have your say.

      • As I said in the blog, Corby mate is one of the worst looking and ugly devices ever made by samsung. Look for Corby S3650 or Star instead of you want Samsung device.

  2. hai i m planin to buy my first phone …… i wanted a corby ………is the plus okie or……….shud i go for the pro ……………which is btr on value for money

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