HTC Legend: Guide to rooting and installing Froyo ROM

Disclaimer: Please note that rooting should be done at your own risk and that I will not be responsible for any issues that come up due to rooting, though I can surely help to fix the issues Smile

What is rooting:

Rooting is a method to gain super user access (root) in your phone. tasks like modding the firmware, installing a different ROM etc. can be accomplished after gaining super user access. Some might ask why we need to take risk and load custom ROM? Android was supposed to be open platform, giving users some freedom but thanks to the madness among manufacturers to customize the UI (senseUI, touchwiz, motoblur), the end users suffer huge delays in getting OS updates. best example would be SE Xperia phones. X10 is still stuck on 1.6 and users are desperate to get newer version which is lot more faster and they are at the mercy of SE. Same is the case with other manufacturers. While Froyo was release couple of months ago, there is no sign of updates for most of the current gen phones. Thanks to the rooting methods, we will be able to load and use ROMs that are having all the latest-and-greatest updates (cooked by independent developers). Sometimes, these custom ROMs run faster than factory UI and are lighter too.

State of the Legend:

HTC Legend currently runs Android 2.1 (Éclair). While HTC said that it will push Froyo updates for legend, nobody knows when that will be done. I personally felt that, though SenseUI is awesome and makes lot of tasks easier, it eats lot of resources and sometimes gets in the way. The custom ROM that I am going to use (Cyanogen 6, Azure) is lighter, faster and without SenseUI. This ROM also allows you to move the apps to SD card which is a huge plus, given the number of apps available for download and the limited internal memory size. Here is a list of great features that are available in Azure ROM:

    1. Based on Froyo, which means its faster and lighter on resources.
    2. no Sense UI, takes less space and better battery life.
    3. rooted, super-user access and terminal emulator available.
    4. Google Voice.
    5. Live Wallpapers
    6. options to install custom boot loader
    7. allows installation of hundreds of apps that can be run only on rooted phones.

The latest ROM (2.05 or 2.1) does not allow rooting and the only way to root the phone is to downgrade the firmware to 1.3x and then root the phone. The process to follow is:

    1. Create a goldcard
    2. downgrade legend to 1.31
    3. root the firmware
    4. install ROM Manager
    5. install Froyo ROM with Google apps.



  1. A formatted micro SD card
  2. Fully charged phone
  3. Linux PC if possible else a windows PC (better stick to 32-bit OS for now)
  4. Android SDK
  5. Backup tools to backup existing data on your Android phone.


Things to do before rooting:

Before you do the rooting and Froyo install process, Please use the backup tools to backup all your data (sms, contacts, application list, bookmarks and other data). Installing new ROM removes erases user data.


Create GoldCard:

The first step in this process is to create a goldcard. A goldcard turns your device into a generic device, thereby allowing modifications like installing another firmware possible. There are different methods to create a gold and the following, I felt, is the easiest of all. Please use a secondary or unused SD card for this purpose.

  1. A formatted SD card is necessary for this. A gold card is nothing but a formatted SD card with modified CID. Insert the SD card in the phone and format the card (Settings -> SD Card & Phone Storage -> Unmount SD Card -> Format SD Card).
  2. Download   klutsch’s goldcard creation tool from here. Run this tool as administrator. (this tool is windows only)
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode in your phone (Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging) and connect the phone to your windows PC.
  4. Click on “Get CID” Tab and copy the cid that is generated. In case you get any error, select MMC0.
  5. Open the link ““, enter your email id and the CID. You will then get the goldcard image to the mentioned email id.
  6. Download the goldcard image to PC, from the goldcard creation tool, click on ‘load GoldCard.img’, select the image that you just downloaded and click on “Patch MMC”.
  7. Voila, you now have your goldcard. Please do not use this card for any other purpose till the rooting process is over and it’s time to downgrade the OS.

Remove the goldcard and use the primary card till the goldcard is needed


Downgrade the OS:

Download the following packages before starting this process:

Connect your phone to Linux host now in ‘charge only’ mode. copy the contents of to androidSDK/tools directory and then run the script ‘’. Run crackin.bat if you do not have a Linux box and are using windows pc. The phone will reboot couple of times and there will be lot of errors shown in the terminal. In the end look for the line showing permissions for the file /dev/mtd/mtd0. It should look like this:

crwxrwxrwx    1 1001     2002      90,   0 Jul 19 16:19 /dev/mtd/mtd0

This means that your phone is ready for OS downgrade. For the next step, you do need a winodws host.

now, connect your phone to windows phone in ‘charge-only’ mode and execute the file RUU_Legend_HTC_WWE_1.31.405.5_R_Radio_47.26.35.04_ and just follow the instructions and the phone will reboot to 1.31 version of firmware. And it’s time for Legend to get rooted.


Root the Legend:

Time to use the goldcard. insert the goldcard and connect the phone to pc in ‘charge only’ mode.

Download the file from here. Unzip the file to a directory and cd to the directory.

Switch off your Legend, switch it back on in ‘fast boot’ mode (keep the back button pressed while switching the phone ON). When you see that the phone has booted into fast boot screen.

connect the phone to Linux or windows pc (preferably Linux) and run ‘./’ (linux) or (windows).

You can now remove or format the goldcard. I would keep the goldcard for now as if there is any issue the above step need to be run again with goldcard.

Now Select RECOVERY option. Fastboot screen –> Boot loader -> recovery. You need to use phone’s volume rocker to move up/down the menu and power button to select the option. The phone screen should now show a phone with red caution sign.

From the terminal window, run ‘./’ (linux) or (windows). Once this step is completed, the phone will be back in recovery mode. From the options, select ‘wipe data’ and then select the option to update the ROM, select the file ‘’ from SD card. The rooting process will now start and after few minutes, the phone will boot with rooted firmware.

Now, the easy way to install custom ROM is by using ROM Manager. You can backup/restore existing ROM.

Install Azure ROM with Google apps:

Download the files Azure ROM ( and Google Apps ( from your PC and copy them to the SD Card. Start ROM Manager and first use ‘Backup Current ROM’ to backup existing ROM. Once the backup is completed, select “Install ROM from SD Card” and select Azure first, followed by Google Apps patch. You will see option to clear used data. select the option and start Azure install. Few minutes later, the phone will boot into CyanogenMod 6 Froyo ROM and you are done.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


27 thoughts on “HTC Legend: Guide to rooting and installing Froyo ROM

  1. Hi. Thanks for guide. I was just wondering how long I should wait for the phone to boot back into recovery mode from the red exclamation screen after running ‘./’

    • yes. a rooted device can get firmware updates but need to be rooted again. If the firmware update closed the loopholes used till that time for rooting, you need wait for new hacks that can be used to root the device. This happened with 2.1 firmware from HTC for Legend.

  2. Goldcard CHECK
    Download of Android SDK and CHECK
    Unpacking above to c/androidsdk/tools CHECK

    I am not able to install RUU (Install shield error message appears)
    Running crackin.bat gives me an error message in the dos window, nothing happens on the phone.

    Help much appreciated!

    Htc Legend
    Windows 7

    • Hi Ida,
      sorry for the late response. I may need to take a look at the snapshot of errors. You can take help of xda guys or reply to this with full output from the crackin.bat command. btw, if possible, use linux. It’s lot more easier. the rooting didn’t work on my win7 x64.

  3. I would like to try out the custom roms on my htc legend. Froyo update for Asia region might come in january 2011 only. Once I install custom roms, will I be able to revert back so that I may get the HTC Froyo update whenever its released ??

  4. gr8 tutorial…just wondering…wat are the known usability issues wid the azure or any other rom?ie fm radio..etc…and does wifi tethering and apps2sd work?

    • thank you. there are few bugs in azure. and yes, tethreing and apps2sd work without any issues. I had few issues like these:

      1. FM Radio app not present
      2. phone not able to connect to my office’s wifi network
      3. phone doesn’t ring or vibrate sometimes (even when volume is set to high). Most of the times, the vibration is extremely weak and I miss phone calls when the phone is in my pocket.
      4. sometimes muting the call on Legend may not mute the voice.

  5. im finally gonna root my questions though..i am planning to root it and install stock froyo..
    now shud i also update my radio b4 doing so?and im a bit apprehensive abt doing stuff wid the im doing my research.. exactly do i update radio in a rooted device?ie just run the ruu?
    2.shud i download asian version of the ruus or will the wwe versions do?
    thanks a lot

  6. hi awesome blog and sufficient detail u have provided

    i have downloaded all the necessary tools and also made the gold card
    and also copied the hack for legend zip to c:\androidsdk\tools

    but when i make click over crackin.bat nothing is happening

    m using 7 ultimate 32 bit

  7. thanks bro i have rooted my legend for ADB to work we need to copy ADB drivers in the tools folder

    but after installing cynogenmod i didn’t like that i like htc sense interface and ample to widgets provided by htc also android market is also not running with cynogenmod7
    now pls tell me is there any rom having htc sense interface with gingerbread

    or pls i want my orignal 2.2 froyo back pls help me where could i found my official 2.2 rom
    pls it’s urgent

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