Load offline maps on N900

If you are using N900, you should be knowing that unlike Ovi Maps on Symbian devices, the maps application on N900 won’t work when you are not connected to internet. The reason is that instead of using offline maps that are stored locally, N900 loads maps from the server (like google maps). There is a quick remedy for this issue but it’s not a complete remedy as you have to connect to internet if you want to find route to a point or to search for location. With this method, you will be able to see where you are atleast and use the maps to find directions on your own.

  1. Download India maps from here to your PC. This is a zip file that contains maps data from Nokia’s server.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the content of the zip. There are total of 16 folders under the root folder. Some of these folders will be empty while some will have .cdt files that contain map data).
  3. Connect your N900 to PC and copy the content inside the folder (say 11415).
  4. Look for folder named ‘diskcache` under ‘cities’ in N900’s main storage. If the folder is not visible, disconnect the phone and open the Ovi Maps application and close the application once it is loaded.
  5. Copy the 16 folders named 0-9 and a-f to diskcache folder. Disconnect the phone from PC and now you will be able to use offline maps.


You can go here to get more info on offline maps, loads maps for other countries, to learn how to add voice navigation to Ovi Maps and more.

Note: You sometimes may get irritating popup asking you to connect to internet when you are using offline maps. Just close the popup.


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