2010: A rocking year for me

2010 is a year that I would never forget. This is the year when a lot happened in my life, both geek side of life and family side. I thought of sharing few things that left me with a good taste.

Getting Engaged and birth of my niece: These are the two most memorable events that happened for me this year. I found my better half and got engaged in August while my sister gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl that I have ever seen in my life in December and most of December went like a flash, thanks to my pretty niece.

Twitter: Social networking was the most happening thing in my geek life this year. Thanks to twitter, I gained many great friends, gained immense amount of knowledge. Also, twitter has been the best stress reliever for me, the best place to share thoughts, the best place to gain new friends. Even to this day, there isn’t a single day when I failed to check my tweets in the early hours

Ubuntu: This is the first year when I used Linux as my primary OS at home. Except for few weeks, Ubuntu was the only OS in my home PC and Linux was the only OS in my office workstation. Recently, I have been looking for ways to install Linux as primary OS in office laptop (few obstacles to clear). Using Linux meant that I totally gave up gaming. Though it was fun, I lost lot of valuable time while gaming. 2011 could be the year when I will try to build linux from scratch (Arch Linux)

Blogging: This is one activity from which I gained most knowledge. What started as a causal activity became a bit serious this year and my blog has reached 10k hits this year. Posts like “Rooting Legend” and “Android Army” received very good response and am thankful to the followers. I hope to continue the same in 2011 and beyond as this is something that I enjoy a lot and am proud of it.

Gadgets: 5800XM, Legend, iPod Touch, N900, SGS, Desire, HD2. These are few gadgets that I got a chance to play with. I enjoyed using Maemo, Android and iOS. Also, this is the year that I received a gadget for review (n900) and I am very much thankful to WOMWorld for that. That review of N900 done in January made me purchase an N900 as my smartphone and made me give up Legend and iPod Touch  Smile. Now, I have my eyes on WP7 devcies and hope that I will get a good hands on experience on one in 2011.

I had a rocking 2010 and I hope that 2011 will be a better year for me. Do share your experiences on how 2010 went by and what you are looking forward to in 2011. Adios 2010.

and btw, here are my two most prized possessions that defined me in 2010:

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