AMD demoes Llano Fusion APU, eats SandyBridge for breakfast

The above video shows AMD’s demo of upcoming Llano fusion APU (codenamed A8-3510MX, 6620M integrated graphics) pitched against Intel’s top of the line sandybridge CPU Core i7 2630QM (Intel HD3000 integrated graphics) . The test included playing a HD video, 3D game, excel calculations and some 3d rendering. When all the tasks were run at the same time, Llano was able to run the tasks without any lag while 2630QM struggled to run each task. The notable point is that Llano was taking less amount of power than 2630QM. Can’t wait to see the retail boxes of Fusion APU (which may not happen till late 2011) for PCs and laptops.

Visit for more information on Fusion platform.

Intel Core i7 2630QM:


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