iPad 2 announced.

Though  I was initally excited to see what iPad 2 holds, once the announcement is over, I felt that it’s more of iPad 1.2 than iPad 2. First the updates:

  • 100 million books in a year
  • Random House bringing in 17000 more books
  • 2500 publishers in iBooks store
  • 200 million accounts
  • 100 million iPhones
  • Developer revenue over 2 billion $
  • 15 millions iPads sold in 2010

Now, over to the hardware updates for iPad 2:

  • 8.8mm (from 13mm)
  • Dual cameras. Front (facetime) and rear camera with 720p recording.
  • 1.3 pounds (from 1.5 pounds)
  • HDMI out
  • Gyroscope
  • Apple A5 chip: dual core, 9 times  graphics power, 2 times CPU power, same power consumption
  • HDMI Out connector for 39$
  • new magnetic cover (wake on open, sleep on close). 39$ for poly and 69$ for leather
  • available in white and black colors.

iOS 4.3 improvements:

  • Safari performance (nitro java script engine)
  • iTunes Home Sharing
  • Airplay improvements
  • Preference for ipad switch (mute or rotation lock)
  • Perfonal hotspot (iphone 4 only)
  • Photo Booth app
  • Facetime  app
  • iMovie app (5$)
  • Garageband app (5$)
  • Photo Booth
  • March 11 to ipad, iphone, ipod touch 3 and ipod touch 4

My take:

Apple started the event by saying that others are copying them and have a look at the updates that ipad 2 has received:

  • Thinner and lighter: look at xoom, galaxy tab
  • dual cameras : beep, taken from droid tablets
  • dual core: droid tablets and smartphone already have it
  • HDMI out: droid tablets already have it

Personally, I like Apple for it’s innovation and driving the market forward but the problem is that they open the mouth too wide and that irritates me. iPad 2 is a decent improvement over iPad but it’s still nowhere near to Xoom or Galaxy tab 10. The Honeycomb has lot more to offer and even h/w wise, Xoom is much much better. I do hope that iPad 3 can be the breakthrough device that iPad 2 should’ve been.



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