A farce named Airtel 3G

I was very excited when I first subscribed for Airtel 3G on 8th of this month and it was immediately activated. I was told that I will start getting 3G speeds inside 4 hours but guess what! 6 days later, am still waiting for 3G speeds. The only difference that 3G brought is faster battery drain to my phone.

There was a time when Airtel used to follow a policy where they provide a service to an individual if and only if that individual can get what he/she is promised. Now, they won’t even check if the requestor can avail the service in his/her locality. They just activate the service and let the individual rot in hell trying to call customer care and running around relationship centres.

Would you believe that this is what I am getting after 3G is activated:

As you can see, those speeds are well below EDGE speeds. I have a Vodafone SIM with EDGE data plan with a 2GB limit for which I pay 49/- per month. For this Airtel 3G plan, am paying 625/- per month for 1.25Gb data limit and for speeds that are lower than what I get for Vodafone 3G.For this issue, I raised a request with Airtel on 9th. There was no update for two days and they sent a clown to check the problem on Friday. This person came to my place, did some speed tests and left in few minutes saying “Sir, I know what the problem is. give us some time”. I called the customer care again today and to my surprise, they have not received any update from this clown or from the network team. I am wondering why I am paying 13 times more than what I pay for EDGE and still get lower speeds and highly unstable connectivity.

If you are thinking of getting Airtel 3G in Bangalore, please stay away from it, atleast for now. These are the following areas where I tested 3G speeds:

1. BTM Layout

2. Tavarekere

3. Koramangala (near Forum, near Jyoti Nivas College, 1st block, near Wipro park)

4. Malleswaram (Palace Guttahalli circle)

5. Bellandhur

6. Kadubeesanahalli

7. Sarjapur Road Wipro campus

8. Madivala, near Silk Board

The only area where I got better than EDGE speeds was when I was near Forum Mall (Koramangala) and that too it was around 400kbps. I am yet to see speeds more than 1Mbps which are still slow for a 3G connection.

Airtel, once the most trustworthy brand in telecommunication is now the biggest pirate in this industry, giving false information to users and looting them. Please stay away from it. I am going to ditch Airtel soon. When are you?


This morning I received a call from an Airtel representative that the issue was resolved and I got 1.7Mbps speeds for an hour and then the speeds were back under 200kbps and now am getting 20-40 kbps. I have saved enough screenshotts (full signal, 3G mark and extremely low d/l speeds) again. In the evening when I call to customer care and asked to put me back on EDGE data plan (was using a 2GB data plan before I moved to 3G) and I was told that I will be charged for any data downloaded on 3G network and that I will have to pay 98/.- INR again. I just dont’ understand. N/w team was not able to provide me 3G speeds at my locality and also at my work locality, then why am I getting charged hefty amounts just because I trusted Airtel and moved to 3G.
Status: sent a mail to Nodal officer. Waiting for reply

6 thoughts on “A farce named Airtel 3G

  1. Thank god you saved me from activating 3G in airtel.

    But if you are planning to shift to other network by MNP, be very careful because Airtel are cunning foxes.

    I recently wanted to change my mom’s connection. They called back for knowing the reason and she told no network. They apologized politely and mentioned that they will do all they can to help her port to other network. As a mark of apology, they told they can activate 10ps call package for 180 days free of charge. She said no. But they activated.

    Later when the MNP request was put, they rejected stating that she is bound by contract to stay in airtel for 180 days because of the 10ps pack.

    Totally unethical daytime bandits. Now planning to move to TRAI for complaining.

    • agree. already got three calls telling me about these new plans etc after applying for MNP. I gave a straight NO and asked to call back if they have a solution at hand.

  2. Companies in india are total fraudsters, its amazing that airtel was recently charging us for calling their customer call center. This is absolutely ridiculous and can happen only in India.

  3. The trick is to set “WCDMA Only” in the settings. Otherwise it will jump between GPRS and 3G depending on traffic. I had the same problem when i was in b’lore recently. I set WCDMA only and it the speed shot up to 2Mpbs and more.

    try it!

  4. With the government clearing decks for video calling on mobile phones, the country’s largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel commercially launched 3G mobile services.

  5. Day before yesterday, I purchased a new 3G airtel data card and after going home which is in BTM LayOutm I was very excited thinking that it will give me more speed ( may be 1 to 2 Mbps ). Then I was surprised to see that it was giving in the range ( 35 to 55kbps !!! )..
    Next day, I went to person from whom I bought ( I bought from airtel guy who sits in our company ) and then I returned after quarrelling with his TL on phone. Then I returned datacard to that guy and tomorrow I am getting my full money back ( He assured me..and I will make him to pa y)..

    Don’t buy 3g airtel data card if you are staying BTM area.

    Hate airtel 3G data card..


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