Smallest, brightest and loudest. Let the belle dance begin

Just a few minutes ago, Nokia has announced three new Symbian smartphones and all of them will be running SymbianS^3 Belle. Let’s quickly take a look

Nokia 600 (The Loudest)

Key specs:

  1. Symbian Belle
  2. 1GHz processor
  3. 2GB user memory, microSD supported
  4. 3.2″ display with nHD resolution
  5. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  6. 5mp camera, EDoF, LED flash
  7. 720p video recording
  8. 111 x 53 x 13mm, 100gms
  9. Super loud speaker
  10. FM Radio with internal antenna (no need to connect earphones for FM)
  11. FM Transmitter
  12. NFC
  13. 15 hr talktime
  14. Black, white, pink and lime colors
  15. 180 euro (tax extra)

Nokia 700 (the smallest)
Key Features:

  1. Symbian Belle
  2. 110 x 50.7 x 9.7mm, weighs just 96gms
  3. 1GHz processor
  4. 3.2″ CBD with nHD
  5. 3G, wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, compasS
  6. 2GB user memory, microSD expansion
  7. NFC
  8. 5mp camera with LED flash, EDoF
  9. 7.3hr talktime
  10. Nokia Play 360
  11. 270 euro (taxes extra)

Nokia 701 (the brightest)
Key Features:

  1. Symbian Belle
  2. 3.5″ IPS LCD with clearblack technology
  3. 1GHz processor
  4. newer graphics co-processor (details unknown) with more graphics memory
  5. 3G, wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC
  6. 8mp camera, EDoF, dual-LED flash, front facing camera for video calling
  7. 8GB of internal user memory, microSD slot
  8. 17hr talktime
  9. 11 x 56.8 x 117.3mm, 131 gms
  10. 280 euro (taxes extra)

Symbian Belle

Key Features:

  1. Six home screens (up from three)
  2. Widgets without boundaries. Free form, resizable
  3. Better and improved status bar
  4. Better navigation, picked from N9
  5. New and better apps
  6. Better lock screens. supports custom wallpapers, notifications and improved clock
  7. NFC support
  8. Improved multitasking. They call it visual multitasking, should be similar to Maemo’s and MeeGo’s

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