Safari still the king of moblie browsing while IE maintains PC lead

arstechnica’s august browser stats show that safari, at 52.99% holds the crown for most used mobile browser while Opera took the second place with a share of 20.77% and the third place was taken by Android’s web browser which is having share of 15.73%.

But the interesting thing to see here is that Android browser  gained marketshare by 2% over July while Chrome registered minute gains. Safari slid by 2%.

On the PC side, IE has maintainted it’s lead with a marketshare of 55.31%, down by around 4% from July and interestingly, Firefox too lost marketshare by a minute amount and is at 22.57% now. Safari as usual i under 5% and is losing it’s marketshare. Chrome on the other hand has increased its marketshare slightly and is at 15.51%.

For more detailed analysis, head to

PS: It is interesting to see that there is significant user base for IE6 (around 12% in the year 2011).


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