Samsung Wave M and Bada 2.0. Yuck, Yuck and YUCK!

I couldn’t go to last week’s Bada developer conference that was held in Bangalore as it was a work day for me. My friend who went to the conference and this was the conversation that happened between us:

me: Is the event over.

him: Yes.

me: how was it.

him: Event was good. Samsung gave everyone a junk phone

me: Wow. they gave a phone for free to everyone?

him: yes. Wave M but it’s really bad

For a while, I thought that the ‘bad’ part was exaggerated and asked him to give the phone to me so that I can write a review.

The next day:

The very next day, I met him in the morning at his place and the first thing I did was have a look at the device. The phone looked good, felt very strong and there is no cheap feel/look to it. Then I clicked on the home button below the display and the display lit up. The immediate reaction by me was shock and I almost puked on the phone.

M for magic (or is it mirror shattering material?)

Magic my foot! If Samsung picked the naming of Wave devices from Galaxy’s new naming strategy then I would like to slap, punch and kick the Samsung executives. Wave M means that this will be a midrange device and M stands for Magic. This is the most pathetic display that I have ever seen on a smartphone. I can now only imagine the state of Wave Y (people running on the road shouting Y God Y Y Y?)

Bada or touchwiz without android?

Then I started checking the OS in detail. The icons look absolutely toyish. The menu structure and home screen etc looks to be copied straight from Android. No originality. Absolutely NONE! To make it worse, the touch response is generally average to pathetic. I almost hurled the phone out of the window as I was not able to pinch zoom in/out in a browser (while it worked sometimes).It looked as if Sammy tried to put Touchwiz on a phone but forgot to install Android first. This phone has all the bad elements that a Touchwiz UI adds and has none of the good elements that Android adds.

Apps and development! LOLWUT?

What more can I say. The application store looks pathetic and works same way. It kept on saying ‘no data’ or ‘network not found’ and after many many many tries, we were able to see few applications in it.To our surprise, we are not able to see any proper apps on this phone and there are ‘0’ usable apps. All of them are test apps.

Say that you are a developer and want to use this phone to test your apps on (which is the prime reason why Sammy provided this phone to attendees). With that kind of pathetic display, you will lose interest in developing for the platform as however creativity you use to develop app, it will look like some useless and dull shit once you load the application to the phone.

While configuring network, my friend got irritated and joked that one need to be a network engineer to configure network on this phone.

I don’t want to say more. I think you already may have a brief idea of what I am saying. I will try to review the phone (if I lose my job and have absolutely nothing else to do) or I will ask Govinda to do a review as only folks with his taste in colors will be able to use the phone fore more than a day.

A sincere advice

Dear Samsung. You make excellent hardware but please stop making software. You are an absolute disgrace when it comes to designing UI. You are like those Bollywood directors and music makers who copy-paste content to get hits. And please please please stop manufacturing phones whose display magically change yellow color to green and red to blue! You started Bada with a bang but you will not go anywhere by releasing phones like these. And when you give a device for free to developer, you better give them a phone that can create interest in them. Take a look at the devices that Google provides to developers or devices that MS gives to developers. They ooze quality and have the best h/w available at that time.

I don’t know. Bada OS 2.0 could be a highly usable OS but what is running on Wave M doesn’t look like that. It looks worse than that shit on Corby and star phones. It’s like having a phone that has a lot of things but is good at nothing.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Wave M and Bada 2.0. Yuck, Yuck and YUCK!

  1. When Samsung ditch Android? My Galaxy S II always lag, and the UI look like copying bada. That’s why Apple sue Galaxy Series, but not Wave Series.

  2. Pros:
    * WiFi direct & NFC features
    * Nothing much…

    * There is no physical back button
    * The UI/UX is really confusing
    * Not much apps when compared to Android
    * Pathetic display

  3. Samsung should stop using Bada on newer phones, and instead should focus on Android. That’s what they are best at, and Galaxy S2 proved this – being such a seller in such a small time.

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