Yo Geek! Don’t do these

Note: I am not targeting anyone. This is something that happens everywhere and every time, for many geeks. And btw, am not a geek. Am just an idiot with access to WordPress. 😀

If you are a geek, you might have faced many situations where you want to scream like Shammi Kapoor as if you are a mad elephant. If you don’t know who Shammi Kapoor is, watch this first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDH8uzVcRds. So, how do you handle such situations? Well, I have solutions to 5 situations (to tackle or to avoid) and here they are:

Stop giving free advice! If you see a non-geek using an ancient piece of whatever thing it is, well, shut up! They don’t need your advice.

Got a new gadget or tool? Well, geeks often try more new hardware or beta tools than non-geeks. Be it newly launched phone or a PMP or a yet to be released OS. Don’t bother to show it to them (unless it has a half eaten fruit stuck on it’s back). Most of the times you will end up with following responses from them:

Chinese hai kya?
Kaunsa iPhone hai?
Yeh kaunsa iPod hai? Sony ka?
Meh! I don’t give a damn. Don’t waste my time.

Few non-geeks in a round table conference about gadgets? Don’t bother to correct them or enlighten them. Better go play ‘pick the odd one out’ game in kids books than staying there and becoming ‘the odd one’.

Asked ‘Why do you waste money on these toys?’ Just smile and say nothing. If the person responds with lecture, count from 999999999 to 1 while praying in three different languages at the same (multitask FTW!)

You are in serious discussion with another geek, a n00b with love for half eaten fruit joins the discussion. Change the topic to IPL or politics. It always works! Always!

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