A new course!

My Dear Friends,

Thanks a lot for the love that you have shown for the posts that I have published over the past few weeks and since the beginning. There are some changes that I am going to do over the next few days and this is how I am going to handle my posts from tomorrow:

  1. bandla.wordpress.com will be strictly driven by articles. No news related posts
  2. With the help of a friend, desiibond.blogspot.com (my first blog) will be given a breath of new life and it will host all the news related posts. As of today, I have removed all the old posts that were there in that blog, to give it a clean look.
  3. No more posts that are as long as Indian Television serials. I will be writing shorter and straight to the point kind of posts.
  4. Not just Smartphones. For the last few months, the focus has shifted a lot from technology in general to smartphones and mobility related posts. The new approach would mean back to technology in general kind of posts  on desiibond.blogspot.com and wider range of articles for bandla.wordpress.com
  5. If you want to post guest articles in any of my blogs, you are more than welcome. Do note that there is no profit generation (alt east right now) and I cannot pay for the articles.

The reason for this change is that I want to add news to my blog but that would make the blog too messed up and these article will be lost among the news posts. It will be great if you can add few suggestions.  This blog is still at it’s infancy but with your help and continued support, I should be able to take it to the next level. Thanks again!


Amarendra a.k.a desiibond


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