Samsung’s missed opportunity

Penned by Bala Yogesh (

Some where in Q3 last year, when smartphone OS market share was announced by Gartner, There were not many changes at the Top of the Table, but at the bottom, two new OSes were fighting for their own honor, we had Microsoft with their Windows 7 and Samsung with their Bada OS. Perhaps what surprised most people was the fact that Bada OS was actually ahead of Microsoft which had huge hopes and expectations on their own OS. And not many expected Samsung to get upper hand over  much hyped Windows Phone 7.

Some where in 2009 when Samsung announced Bada OS, few people realized the potential and moved away from Android  which had problems of its own, but then the initial target of Samsung was the first time buyers who had no prior smartphone and feature phone experience. Bada 1.0 was more of a feature phone OS and although it did not have enough features, the handset {Wave I} was very advanced and attracted lot of buyers. Few months down the line, Samsung announced Bada 1.1 for entry level handsets and it did not impress the critics yet according to samsung met its expectation. Things went a step ahead when wave II was launched with a bigger screen and Bada 1.2 which solved the few niggles that the 1.0 had. But then again it lacked some basic features that the smartphone OS should be having, So not many were fond of Bada.

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My time with Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is the first ever guest post on, done by Bala (

I have been using the Galaxy Tab 10.1″ close to 2 months. For once, This Tab is touted as one of the best Android Tabs in the Market and for sure it is.

My time with the tab was from when it was on Android 3.1 to now when it was recently updated to Android 3.2. This will not be a review because we there are enough reviews floating around. Instead I will try to write down as the tab being no where close to laptop replacement.

When I picked this tab, I had 2 other choices, Acer Iconia 501 and Xoom 3G. All of them were similarly priced but I picked this one ahead of the others cause it was more responsive and was better in terms of performance than the Iconia which had USB ports to it. Few days of using the galaxy tab, it was highly addictive and time consuming as I was enjoying the show. The Tablet’s performance ultimately depends on lots of factors and in my case I closed widgets and live wallpapers after a month and its performance increased considerably but on using widgets and live wallpapers it tend to use high memory close to 600 MB of the total 734 MB that is available. The tab generally performs well if I keep the memory usage below 500 MB but sometimes, tab lags even when the usage is around 350 MB {that’s the lowest I have seen}. This is a I bit surprising for me.

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