Froyo takes clear lead in marketshare among Android versions

In a recent statistic relased by Android developers, Froyo now holds 51.8% of share while Eclair drops to 35.2%. 1.x versions are almost gone now with a combined share of 12%, which is probably due to end-users not doing upgrade or manufacturers not providing the Foyo upgrade to certain models. The chart was based on the data collected over a period of 14-days, based on the number of devices that accessed Android market. Personally, I won’t take this as an accurate approach as

1. Not everybody connects to android market on a daily basis

2. not every one has an internet data plan for their droid device.

Anyways, here is the chart for you:

Gingerbread: 0.4%

Froyo: 51.8%

Eclair: 35.2%

Donut: 4.7%

Cupcake: 7.9%






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